Outfit of Dec 13/10

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I meant to do an outfit of the day post awhile back but I got lazy and never got around to it...until now of course!

So this was what I wore for my last exam. Don't I look like a university kid with a hint of artistic edge? :3 I decided to take on the idea of wearing a dress in the winter. Why wait for the summer in order to wear a dress?? So I paired it with a long sleeve t-shirt that went smashingly well with my white sundress. Does it not look like the dress was created like that? Be a little daring this winter and twist some summer fun into the cold season! Try shorts in the winter by pairing it up with warm tights and legwarmers! Add some floral design to the outfit! Many possibilities are out there for you to experiment with.

Outfit consists of:

Hat from Big It Up
Long-sleeve blue shirt from Gap
Sundress from H&M
Tights from Zara, hand-me-down
Necklace from H&M

My arm was covering the necklace unfortunately but I was wearing this adorable cameo piece (It was around $5.65 CAD? Such an amazing deal!):


Glitter it Up

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new thing to try for the new year would be to add some glitter to your daily outfit. You can start small with glitter eyeliner, eyeshadow, and nailpolish. Check out stores like Sephora, MAC, or even H&M.

Wardrobe-wise, don't be afraid to spruce things up. Wearing anything that sparkles would for sure attract some eyes and it will most likely show that you're confident with who you are and the outfits you wear. Again, it doesn't have to be a full blown glittery dress. Having just one glitter item is enough for a day outfit. For the night, I think it would be absolutely fine to go crazy...at least you'd be easy to spot :)

A lot of these glitter items can be found at a lot of stores (adding on from the previous list). To name some from the top of my head: h&m, forever 21, urban outfitters, etc etc. Referencing to the photograph of the pair of glitter flats: a blogger made it herself (I'll provide a link at the end for her instruction post)! So for the days when you want to save money, take on this neat arts and crafts project. I'm not totally sure how the blogger did it, but I would use an old pair of flats in case I went wrong somehow along the way. It'd be a lot of fun to make and doing it with a friend would really help to speed up the process.

So have a great year and don't forget to add a little glitter ;)


photograph one 
photograph two
photograph three 
photograph four 
photograph five 
photograph six 
photograph seven 

Holiday Glamour

Saturday, December 25, 2010

So today is Christmas and there are parties to go to. There are so many outfits to choose from! But how to wear it if the occasion is a little more formal than the usual family gathering? I like to keep it simple and beautiful for the holidays. I think wearing a red dress is absolutely sexy and elegant at the same time (if worn correctly, because it could be messed up). It screams for attention and if you add simple but gorgeous accessories, you will be the center of attention. Since the outfit altogether is very minimalistic, you can add a little pizazz through your clutch.

Trust me, this outfit is timeless and you can not go wrong with it. It is not only for the holidays. It works beautifully for cocktail parties as well. I even wore this kind of outfit for my work's Christmas party and it definitely drew eyes.

I kept the makeup on my eyes neutral (but made sure to have eyeliner in order to bring out the eyes) and had red lipstick on in order to finish the look. It was very classy.

So have fun as well as a Merry Christmas!