Outfit of Dec 13/10

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I meant to do an outfit of the day post awhile back but I got lazy and never got around to it...until now of course!

So this was what I wore for my last exam. Don't I look like a university kid with a hint of artistic edge? :3 I decided to take on the idea of wearing a dress in the winter. Why wait for the summer in order to wear a dress?? So I paired it with a long sleeve t-shirt that went smashingly well with my white sundress. Does it not look like the dress was created like that? Be a little daring this winter and twist some summer fun into the cold season! Try shorts in the winter by pairing it up with warm tights and legwarmers! Add some floral design to the outfit! Many possibilities are out there for you to experiment with.

Outfit consists of:

Hat from Big It Up
Long-sleeve blue shirt from Gap
Sundress from H&M
Tights from Zara, hand-me-down
Necklace from H&M

My arm was covering the necklace unfortunately but I was wearing this adorable cameo piece (It was around $5.65 CAD? Such an amazing deal!):


Glitter it Up

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new thing to try for the new year would be to add some glitter to your daily outfit. You can start small with glitter eyeliner, eyeshadow, and nailpolish. Check out stores like Sephora, MAC, or even H&M.

Wardrobe-wise, don't be afraid to spruce things up. Wearing anything that sparkles would for sure attract some eyes and it will most likely show that you're confident with who you are and the outfits you wear. Again, it doesn't have to be a full blown glittery dress. Having just one glitter item is enough for a day outfit. For the night, I think it would be absolutely fine to go crazy...at least you'd be easy to spot :)

A lot of these glitter items can be found at a lot of stores (adding on from the previous list). To name some from the top of my head: h&m, forever 21, urban outfitters, etc etc. Referencing to the photograph of the pair of glitter flats: a blogger made it herself (I'll provide a link at the end for her instruction post)! So for the days when you want to save money, take on this neat arts and crafts project. I'm not totally sure how the blogger did it, but I would use an old pair of flats in case I went wrong somehow along the way. It'd be a lot of fun to make and doing it with a friend would really help to speed up the process.

So have a great year and don't forget to add a little glitter ;)


photograph one 
photograph two
photograph three 
photograph four 
photograph five 
photograph six 
photograph seven 

Holiday Glamour

Saturday, December 25, 2010

So today is Christmas and there are parties to go to. There are so many outfits to choose from! But how to wear it if the occasion is a little more formal than the usual family gathering? I like to keep it simple and beautiful for the holidays. I think wearing a red dress is absolutely sexy and elegant at the same time (if worn correctly, because it could be messed up). It screams for attention and if you add simple but gorgeous accessories, you will be the center of attention. Since the outfit altogether is very minimalistic, you can add a little pizazz through your clutch.

Trust me, this outfit is timeless and you can not go wrong with it. It is not only for the holidays. It works beautifully for cocktail parties as well. I even wore this kind of outfit for my work's Christmas party and it definitely drew eyes.

I kept the makeup on my eyes neutral (but made sure to have eyeliner in order to bring out the eyes) and had red lipstick on in order to finish the look. It was very classy.

So have fun as well as a Merry Christmas!


Korean Men's Fashion

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am one of the many girls that likes their guys dressing fresh. There is something so appealing about knowing that guys care about how they look and being properly groomed. Begone the days where guys just simply throw on whatever is lying around and clean. (Well, you still can but if you can style whatever you pick off the ground, go for it!)

I have a big preference to Korean fashion. I highly enjoy their entertainment (as overly done as they may be) and I particular love that high-end lifestyle they generally display. So when I see Torontonians guys dressing similarly, they catch my attention immediately.

Right now, there are quite a few trends for Korean men's fashion. Having a white dress shirt under a nice cardigan of any colour is simple and clean. One can accessorizes a little with a watch on the wrist or have a tie on, making it a more sophiscated look.

What I absolutely adore right now are the coats that are made for men right now. They are stylish and gives that overall mature appeal. They are perfect for the chillier season.

Korean men's fashion has that great look that could be spotted from anywhere! I look forward to new styles that they have to offer.


Guys: Add this item to your usual wardrobe

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guys, we know you tend to be lazy when it comes to picking out your clothes (unless you are really into the latest trends). So you tend to stick to the usual of t-shirt and jeans right? So if you want to add a little more, put on a scarf.

Now, scarves used to be a girl thing. However, as fashion has it for 2010, guys are now sporting them too. There many ways that one can wear it. Except if you are only doing t-shirt and jeans, try to go for something like this:

It's very simple and it definitely adds to the outfit. Try a plaid pattern or a dark colour that suits the shirt you are wearing. People will definitely notice. If you really want to go further, a funky hat and wrist accessories would do well too.

Emma Watson

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One of my favourite celebs in terms of fashion would be Emma Watson. She always wears amazing outfits, with the right kind of hair style, shoes, etc. Even going through her teenage years, I found that she always dressed older than her age and didn't go into any kind of clothing mishaps like Miley Cyrus and the rest of the famous teens nowadays. Emma Watson has definitely acquired a very lovely style.
I was always a fan of Harry Potter but if you look at her in the first movie and then look at her now, there's quite a difference. Emma Watson is 20 years old now, but seriously, she doesn't look like she's out of her teen years. I'm pretty envious :).
She's definitely an actress with style. Lastly before I end off, here's a picture of the whole Harry Potter gang since I really adore the clothes that they're wearing. :)

xoxo. Vian Le

Sweet Chic

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somewhere before summer of 2010 started, I really liked a certain runway look (image below). As you can see, it's more about the accessories rather than the clothing. The shirt, shorts, and shoes are kept simple and sweet. Having a shirt with a bit more, it eliminates the need to decorate with a necklace. If you do, then the top part of the outfit will look too busy and that is something you don't want to happen.

I think browns or tans for eyeshadow would really work for this look because as you can see, the colours are very neutral. The pink here and there adds a splash of femininity. The lips should be kept light also, with a hint of pinkish hue.

It's getting colder where I am to sport this look but those in the south can likely still pull this adorable look off!

Vian's Intro

I'm Vian Le the other creator of the blog. I'm 17 years old and I'll be going into my final year of highschool.Fashion is something that evolves, and I hope that with this blog it'll help me evolve my sense of style.Hopefully you'll enjoy the blog the same way I will enjoy posting to the blog. I'm sorry for the short introduction on my part :).

Diana's Intro

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Diana Dang, one of the creators of this blog. During my childhood, I didn't care particularly what I put on. I still remember the days of plain blue pants that were completely unfashionable with some random GAP shirt. I was secretly into clothes, but not enough to change my slack of appearance.

Fast-forward from middle school to high school. In the beginning I was still a little eh. My clothes were just a tad better from grade 8. Just a small tad. Then last year, maybe towards the end of grade 11, I started to get into it a lot more. I started spending, analyzing bits and pieces of the fashion world around me. Of course nothing runway (so far) but I was picking up. This past year I bought god knows how many clothes. I used to spend my money all on books but now, clothes is starting to get a fair share of my pocket money. I guess because I am older now and entering university, appearance is quite important. I'm starting to get into makeup as well but still learning! (Korean entertainment also influenced me because their world is driven with lots of the latest fashion and watching their music videos constantly, I can not escape their glamour).

I created the title of this blog. My reason for calling it The Wallflower Style is that I guess in the past I would've been called a wallflower. Plain and average, not standing out. However, I did observe fashion and I still do today. So I combined the two ideas.

I may not be a hardcore fashionista, but maybe through this blog you can get a little wallflower style. ;]