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Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Diana Dang, one of the creators of this blog. During my childhood, I didn't care particularly what I put on. I still remember the days of plain blue pants that were completely unfashionable with some random GAP shirt. I was secretly into clothes, but not enough to change my slack of appearance.

Fast-forward from middle school to high school. In the beginning I was still a little eh. My clothes were just a tad better from grade 8. Just a small tad. Then last year, maybe towards the end of grade 11, I started to get into it a lot more. I started spending, analyzing bits and pieces of the fashion world around me. Of course nothing runway (so far) but I was picking up. This past year I bought god knows how many clothes. I used to spend my money all on books but now, clothes is starting to get a fair share of my pocket money. I guess because I am older now and entering university, appearance is quite important. I'm starting to get into makeup as well but still learning! (Korean entertainment also influenced me because their world is driven with lots of the latest fashion and watching their music videos constantly, I can not escape their glamour).

I created the title of this blog. My reason for calling it The Wallflower Style is that I guess in the past I would've been called a wallflower. Plain and average, not standing out. However, I did observe fashion and I still do today. So I combined the two ideas.

I may not be a hardcore fashionista, but maybe through this blog you can get a little wallflower style. ;]

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