Review: imPress Manicure

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hello world! Long time no post. It's been about three years since my last post. I am back on here today to do a product review for imPress Manicure that I have received from Influenster. This is my very first VoxBox so when I received it, I was super excited! I received two press-on manicures:

Just Say Yes


I never had a manicure before so this was something new for me. I decided to try out Just Say Yes because I didn't want to butcher Holla! just in case, since it's my favourite out of the two.

Each "nail polish bottle" comes with 24 press-ons. You pick out the nail pieces that fit your nails. Then, you simply peel off the back sticker and press them onto your nails. I'm not really sure why it came with a mini filer since it never mentioned it in the instructions, but I didn't end up using it.

  • Perfectly painted nails, great for those who suck at painting their own nails
  • An assortment of fun designs from imPress which you won't be able to replicate easily (unless you are a nail genius)
  • No need to wait for drying!
  • The painstakingly long time to find the right fit; I think I took at least 15 minutes...
  • The difficulty to remove some of the stickers at the back 
  • The possibly of picking out a nail piece that might not completely match the other side
  • If dirt or something is stuck under the nail, it is hard to remove it
  • Only 24 pieces?? Therefore, you would could only possibly use one bottle twice since you only have 10 fingers and at most use 20 pieces. How wasteful...

My Final Verdict

I think the process of me finding the right nail pieces put me off from purchasing these in the future. They are definitely fun and cute, but it's a bit tiring to get them on. If they numbered the nail pieces (like matching ones so you will have both sides matching), maybe I wouldn't mind as much. I think I butchered the pinkies since one is bigger than the other.

They are supposed to last for two weeks but I won't know if they will until then. However, they may fall out faster since I work at a car assembly plant part time and they might get ruined...