Guys: Add this item to your usual wardrobe

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guys, we know you tend to be lazy when it comes to picking out your clothes (unless you are really into the latest trends). So you tend to stick to the usual of t-shirt and jeans right? So if you want to add a little more, put on a scarf.

Now, scarves used to be a girl thing. However, as fashion has it for 2010, guys are now sporting them too. There many ways that one can wear it. Except if you are only doing t-shirt and jeans, try to go for something like this:

It's very simple and it definitely adds to the outfit. Try a plaid pattern or a dark colour that suits the shirt you are wearing. People will definitely notice. If you really want to go further, a funky hat and wrist accessories would do well too.

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