The Face Shop: What I Bought

Saturday, July 19, 2014

(A post that is not photography related... :P)

Wanted to make a quick post about what I bought from The Face Shop. Just recently, the Face Shop opened a store in Montreal's Eaton Centre. After checking out the store with Diana, I fell in love and knew that I would go back to buy some products. So I came back today after doing another photoshoot! Unfortunately, I don't have the most money to splurge right now, so I just got myself two products that I had been eyeing the first time around.

Item 1: Hand & Body Cream ~ Gold Kiwi ($5) 

This isn't actually the first time I owned this item. For last Christmas, Diana actually gave me the same hand and body cream but in Green Apple instead. It was my go-to lotion last year and helped with dry hands and arms especially during the winter. So I am looking forward to trying out this scent! I definitely like it better than the strawberry scent.

Item 2: Pastel Cushion Blusher ~ Plum ($9) 

One of the things I like most about this blush (minus actually trying it out) is the fact that it comes in adorable packaging. I am a sucker for good packaging. It also is a nice shade, and since I do have a light complexion, I didn't want to get something too dark or obvious. What I am wary about though is the amount of sparkles in the blush. You can't see it in this photo or on the site, but there's definitely a significant amount of sparkle when you look at the blush. If I do a review, I'll try to use my DSLR to capture the sparkle in the blush. Out of the 5 shades available, 4/5 seem to have some sparkle. Only Pink Cushion doesn't seem to have any (or very little comparatively). 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post! 

- Vian 

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