March Break Haul

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is a combination of gifts, and stuff from Montreal and Toronto that I got during this March Break.

Weekend Burberry Perfume (gift)
Chianti Rose Lipgloss Shiseido (gift)
Roxy Cardigan from Simons -$44
Green Sweater from American Eagle -$30
Brown Skirt from Urban Outfitters -$20
Striped Sweater from Urban Outfitters -$30

This is my prom dress! I got it at Lemor, which is a store on Queen Street in Toronto. It cost $260 and is basically this nude kind of colour. My next objective now is to find a nice pair of matching heels to go along with it! 

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ChiccaStyle said...

This dress is to die for!!!Absolutely amazing, great choice!!!