White of Autumn

Sunday, March 13, 2011

As you may saw in the previous post below, Vian is an excellent photographer. During October, I wanted her to do a fun photoshoot with me. So we went to hang with our cousin, Ngan and her adorable puppy Hubie, and took pictures in the uptown area for the day. Moments like these I cherish. Something fun and simple with the people you love, doing nothing but enjoying yourself.

white dress from H&M
black and white bracelet from Claire's, gift
flats from Blowfish Shoes, borrowed

The last two pictures are my favourites (especially the last). I originally wanted to wear heels but then at last minute ended up wearing Ngan's flats. It was too small for my feet so I was in quite a bit of pain, hobbling around the whole time. The flats sadly were thrown away and Ngan bought me these cute boots from The Shoe Company right after we were done with the shoot. Also, I was supposed to wear this flower band from H&M that matched the dress but the one picture we had with it was awkward haha.

Sigh, I can't wait for the Canadian winter to disappear.

So which pic is your fave? :) Also see how differently I dressed up the same dress in my first outfit of the day post!


ChiccaStyle said...

Great dress!You look lovely!!!

Carla McCarthy said...

The last two as well! Love the dress!It's very romantic!beijos

Following you back!:)


Z--- said...

loove your dress!it's perfect for summer!you look great!xxx