Clean Makeup Brushes with Household Items!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you a makeup fanatic? If so, you likely use your brushes very often. However, after awhile, all of the dirt, oil and sebum from your face will be trapped onto your brushes. Reusing these brushes means that you will reapply all of the dirty stuff back onto your face! That's not good. So what is a cheap way to make them squeaky clean? Proceed below!

You simply need: extra virgin olive oil, antibacterial soap, and a plate

Pour these together onto the plate. Don't go overboard with the olive oil like I did though! ><

Eek, these are my dirty brushes I will be cleaning!

Swirl the brush into the mixture. After, rub this off onto your hand. Then set aside onto a paper towel.

Look what was left over from all my brushes!

Rinse into cold or warm water, not hot! Hot water will damage the brushes. Dry off with paper towel.

Yay for cleanliness!

Letting the water seep out of the brushes upside down in a cup so they won't get ruined.

If you want to see the video that inspired this post, check out Michelle Phan's video below for extra details!

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