Almost-Summer Haul

Friday, May 6, 2011

So last weekend I spent my entire Saturday with my cousin Diana. We went to Toronto and while walking around the Eaton Centre and Queen Street we managed to pick up a bunch of stuff :). It was really fun and the weather was great (surprisingly)! And after getting my contacts a couple months ago, I managed to snag three pairs of sunglasses as well (all under $15). I still need to buy some pyjamas and undergarments but I guess that'll be for another time.

Here's my haul~ 

 ***accidentally made sunglass plural! 

Pink Sunglass from Urban Outfitters
Sunglass from Black Market Clothing
Sunglass from Forever 21
Bangle from Forever 21
Vintage (Large) Sweater from Black Market Clothing
Star Wars Shirt from HMV
Grey Dress from Urban Outfitters
Bonus! Ice Cream Measuring Spoons from Urban Outfitters (for my friend)

(I'm experimenting with labelling so I hope it's not too weird) 

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